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What Is the Relationship Between the Economy and the Military?


Has anyone else noticed that after the US, whose defense spending outpaces the rest of the world combined – the next two largest single-nation economies in the world are former Axis Powers with exceptionally limited military power?

Germany has only been allowed to involve itself in international affairs since reunification, back in 1990.

Japan is only this decade beginning to take a role outside its own borders, and that hasn’t gone so well.


Support Our Troops


As you start to ponder what you hope the Obama administration is going to do about Iraq, I highly recommend viewing Why We Fight, a documentary that raised serious questions about the war without clinging to partisanship. It includes stories of history, stories of the personal, and a fair bit of research and gentle analysis. The most brilliant aspect is how the film places Iraq squarely in context with the military-industrial complex Eisenhower famously prophesied.

That the film did not receive a lot of attention is, to me, another sign of how unwelcome a spirit of bipartisanship can be. Despite the film’s balanced, almost journalistic presentation of proponents and oppenents of the Iraq war in their own words, the presence of military contractors and a pre-sellout John McCain may have been enough to repel anti-war ideologues. But it’s good viewing for skeptics on either side.

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