Texts from the Shore (Well, the Edge)


[Pre-convention workshops]
I’m getting breakfast, running late, not caring.
(Have fun with the Dems and keep me posted.)
You know I will. ;) Did I tell you yesterday the vet band narrator asked that we all “celebrate” the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War?
(Um, no. I’m sure he meant commemorate. Oh words. They are so silly the way they mean things. ;) ) [from my budding co-blogger, AriseKraken]
Ann Richards sticker on a PT Cruiser, which postdated her career and possibly her life [nope, there was a 7-year overlap].
[Yesterday, passing through Victoria, I saw a circa-1960 Cadillac complete with a retro Kennedy/Johnson sticker.]
And it’s raining just a tad to welcome me!
Texas Freedom Network event on textbooks bigger than their space, which is awesome! And a little sad that more can’t sit in.
I got signed up for convention texts somehow… Most of them aren’t announcements but meaningless polls, whose results will only be announced next week. Techfail.
I’m wearing my NGLTF T-shirt. Got me thinking… how interesting that to Queer Liberaction, Stonewall is stodgy, but here, they seem young and radical.
(They should have planned better for the textbook thing. I think it’s a huge thing this year.)
I’m glad to see it; hope TFN benefits long term.
I hear a choir downstairs, don’t know whom. Think I’m going to read before I head over to the arena.
Reading The Count of Monte Cristo may be bringing out an unusual curtness in me, for which I apologize.
You always have a choice, even if it’s not one you consider reasonable.
Thinking about the act of denouncing others… I know for my book it will do no good to call people racist, but through storytelling I can inspire reflection which basically makes it allegorical use of history. And isn’t allegory what made Jesus so effective?
(I’ve been having similar thoughts, though less global. Too much to explain in text, but I don’t think calling people out does much good.)
I’m not comparing myself, just seeing I’m not original.
(Jesus probably wasn’t original, either. ;) )
We should reflect on that some time…

[Convention reconvenes and Linda Chavez-Thompson speaks]

Program about to begin. “Turn off cells.” Ha!
Last song on speaker: “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. Is jealousy really a good theme for the party not in power?
(Is jealousy really a good theme for anybody?)
I’m no theist, but I really liked today’s invocation–by yet another Al Green.
Anthem was awesome, but she forgot “through the per’lous fight”.
People are really slow coming in. Also wondering if all cameramen are atheists, since they don’t stop working during event prayers. What a fascinating situation.
I’m glad not many people bought the authentic custom Democrat plastic clappers. They would have gotten old quick.
“How many zeros in $19 billion deficit? Eleven if you count Perry and Dewhurst.”
(Is this session the only thing today?)
There was training earlier, but this is it. Last night was mostly a rally. Today is more business. Should be out around 3 or 4, then I’m hitting the beach.
Laredo and south San Antonio have lost their last bookstores. :(
Middle class pre-k kids average 13 books per kid. Low income kids average 300 kids per book.
“Republicans called Latinos their children. Someone should call CPS! You can stuff a jalapeno in a pig, but that doesn’t make it a chorizo!”

[Electing a State Chair]

Executive Committee picks one male and one female from each district. Trans erasure much?
Farouk Shami elected to it: he’s a former gubernatorial candidate and haircare millionaire. Rumor has it Perry uses his products.
They’re handing out stickers for a chair election taking place in ten minutes that has no chance of being close. Just seems wasteful. I can’t believe how much is spent on that stuff.
…And it’s going to be a roll call vote, most tedious kind. Every single delegate must be counted, incomplete delegations prorated. Dems not known for their mad math skillz.
It just kills me because the contender’s going to lose and it’s very dog-and-pony.
The challengers are always shrill.
My group is ready to vote before they’ve even spoken. Hate this part.
Only time all day people won’t applaud politely [well, at least until the Texas Two-Step came up…]. I want to back an upstart, but have to admit the slate is good under current chair. Should vote on this in December, after the election.
Challenger backing both “longtime office holders” and new recruits. This guy should run for something smaller. I don’t think he’s got any experience.
For the incumbent: “We need public servants, not politicians.” Also pointing out getting rid of Craddick and winning races like Wendy Davis‘.
Gotta admit, I thought 7 minutes would be a farce, but I’d say it gave the challenger enough rope with which to hang himself.
I love my old bookstore manager. I swear he was one of maybe two to vote for the challenger in our district. He’s way more quixotic than I’ll ever be.
Wonder what our Executive Committee representative is telling the challenger…
(I’m getting double texts from you from time to time.)
Ugh. Probably because of low signal inside. Worried about draining battery…
First district tally reported wrong name of the challenger.
Numbers even lower than I expected. What a waste of time.
Nice… One district had abstentions [there were others later]. That was probably my first choice coming in…
Challenger won a couple of districts, at least. Probably his home area. He really should’ve run for county chair or something. Wonder if he was a straw man…


Seem to be a lot of TX congresspersons on the Homeland Security Committee of the US House. Wonder if that’s a good position or weak…
Wow, I think that’s the first time someone has called for straight-ticket voting. Much better than in 2008. Lot of downticket and Dem slate talk, but straight tickets are a trigger for me.
Congressman Green thinks Perry is worse than Hurricane Ike. Wonder if Galvestonites agree…
Wonder if anybody is lobbying for moderate, non-partisan redistricting. If not, perhaps I should start…
Battery Low. May have to keep comments to self or write them down for a while.
Phone died. Water pressure low. Debate ended. Angry. :D
I went to my car during debate over Texas Two-Step for phone charger, barely got it on before they called for a vote, and now I’m outside during the count. Whew!
(Your previous text didn’t make much sense. This one is better.)
I’m worried about the water pressure here. It dropped significantly before I left and doesn’t seem better yet.
(The water pressure in the convention center?)
What really aggrevates me about all this is that it isn’t constructive. The Two-Step has won numerous challenges, no one is undecided, and no one has new ideas.
Yes, I dare say it’s a health risk…
TVs in hall alternate between inside proceedings and USA vs. Ghana match. Fun hearing the cheers. Even Dems get bored enough with procedure to watch soccer.
There’s a hospital here named Christus Spohn. I know Corpus Christi means “Body of Christ”, does this one mean Christ’s spoon?
We’re moving on with the agenda now…
Now my phone’s been weird… We may adjourn soon, I’m not sure… :*
[We didn’t, but the mass exodus had begun.]
I think I’ve had my fill… Going to dip my toes (maybe more) in the water for a bit, then get dinner and wifi and head on toward Houston.
(Everything okay? Just saw your facebook post)
LOL! Oh, that was mostly about food. It took me forever to find/pick something and when I did, there were tons of onions so I had to go to Wendys. ;)

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