Who is Quix_Tic?


I still don’t have much of a bio on here, and for a while that will remain the case. We’ll let details trickle out in the course of my writing, as appropriate.

The first detail I want to share, though, is that I am a White Anti-Racist. For me, that means I believe in actively opposing the advantages (real, perceived, and systemic) unequally afforded to people with “white” skin.

My definition of racism would probably qualify as pretty extreme: that any perceived difference ascribed to race beyond superficial surface tissues is incorrect, and can in every case be traced to influences of culture, class, and other factors whose influences begin at or before birth. It does not have to be a violent or even negative reaction, but any reaction to race beyond traits of skin and hair is, to me, racist.

Because that definition is intentionally broad, I also believe that it is an inescapable fate. Call it quixotic, but I do not believe my own racist tendencies or those of my broader society, however ingrained, should be ignored or shrugged off by virtue of being commonplace. I don’t believe in perfection, I don’t necessarily believe racism will ever be eradicated, but I do believe our society is improved by its thoughtful attrition.

I am less interested in the individual advantages of others than I am in the communal gains of peoples who are not White. For that, we need paradigm shifts, such as have never fully taken hold in our species yet. I’m working on a book that I hope will make a huge dent in America’s divisive instincts, but I fully accept that my goals are large and impossible.

Unlike my namesake, I am not delusional. I bear my beleaguered lance at accursed windmills with my eyes wide open.

This message brought to you by some Aryan fuck whose bot linked to me automatically from his site, forcing this entry in case one of his white-supremacist buddies actually stops by.

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