Why Not to Toe the Party Line…


Getting involved with the Obama campaign locally gets you in with a lot of Democrats and you hear a lot of the good stuff about the Dems running for other offices. It’s easy for an Independent to get caught up in it, so that no matter how many times you’ve refused to donate to the party or vote straight-ticket, you still find yourself swayed on races you know little about.

After watching Thursday’s debate between incumbent Senator John Cornyn and his challenger, Rick Noriega, I had to admit that not only had Cornyn won the debate, he had also won a second (or, admittedly, first) look from me. In addition to being a superior debater, Cornyn made great statements about transparency and leadership that struck me as very genuine. Could it be he was no idealogue, but another of those rare politicians who wants to improve the political scene as much or more than promote his own agenda?

Could it be a choice between two decent candidates? I like Noriega. I think he’s a good candidate with a good background and a healthy amount of military and political experience. But I came away last night thinking I might like Cornyn, too, and promising to dig a little deeper. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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